Howard Greenhalgh   

Howard Greenhalgh

I always wanted to be a rock star.... and after 200 music videos by everyone from Puff Daddy to Elton John, I almost feel like I made it in the end!

My strength through cinematic experimentation parallels my commercials output, where I’m to be found shooting the more visual end of the spectrum. 

I love combining insane action with special effects, beauty with a sense of bravery, the surreal and the magical, and always looking for a way to shoot something that has never been done, either with new cameras or emerging tech in the post domain.

I love the way our industry is now creatively fusing resulting in real collaboration with agencies throughout the whole process. I welcome interaction with creatives as this always leads to a better result. I see myself not just as a standalone director, but someone who can communicate and enhance the project at whatever stage it emerges, and that includes understanding and team work in the post production stage too.

My photography is playing a bigger part in what I do, as I find I can experiment freely with imagery which then gets integrated into my live action output. More and more I’m being asked to combine stills within the project, which I’m very happy to do, as this is where I came from.

People who know me always wonder why I am so calm on set. Well, I’ve seen the good the bad and the ugly in every situation to know that experience and solid concept will prevail. 

Of course, in the privacy of a dark corner, I’m biting my fist!