Don Cameron(Collider)   

Don Cameron(Collider)

Don Cameron is a London based Director of Advertising Films and Music Videos. 

Starting his career formerly studying Visual Communication in Sydney and privately under the mentorship of Dutch photographer Jacob van Gent, Cameron completed his studies at St Martin's College of Art and Design London, graduating with 1st Class Honors. His unique fusion of live action, stylized grad ics and ability to construct visually intriguing narratives, has seen Cameron constantly explore new and innovative visual possibilities. 

His ground breaking debut video for Blur's Music is my Radar fast became a byword for innovation. Since then, the director has gone on to collaborate with a spectrum of artists, creating seminal videos for Moloko, Garbage, Simply Red, Matthew Herbert and The Pet Shop Boys. 

In the fields of advertising and content creation, Cameron's ability to conceive and art direct compelling narratives has brought to projects his signature cross discipline approach resulting in a string of collaborations with choreographers, fashion designers, illustrators, photographers, architects and innovators in associated creative disciplines. 

Bullding a name as an innovative taste maker, Cameron has earned column space in numerous industry publications as well as fashion trend press With his authentic style and ability to reach a discerning audience established, Cameron continues to develop his unique visual anguage, working as a director of commercials and music videos, and extending his vision to include photography and consultancy