Joel Pront(Collider)   

Joel Pront(Collider)

Joel Pront’s career in film began after he transitioned from music recording and sound engineering into film editing. The highlight being the short film “The Junky’s Xmas” produced by Francis Ford Coppola and written by William S. Burroughs, for which he was nominated for an Australian Film Institute Award for best editing of a short film. This made him the youngest technical nominee for an AFI award ever at the age of 19.

He then moved to London from Sydney to focus on his editing career, spending three years editing at London edit house NWH. He edited numerous music videos for acts as varied as Alanis Morissette, The Fugees, Bon Jovi, and AC/DC.

His transition into directing began through a series of videos he was asked to direct for the New York-based act the Fun Lovin’ Criminals. He is currently a full-time commercials director in Sydney with representation in the USA and the UK. His clients include Nike, Coke, Toyota, Philips, Sony Playstation, Levis, Foxtel and Optus.

He directed a spot for Mars Bar which won “Best In Show” and “Australian Television Commercial of the Year” at the Australian Television Awards. His spot for McDonald’s entitled “Inner Child” was top spot on Ad Critic and ‘Boards Magazine.

His strong visual aesthetic is varied yet always distinguishable as his own.