Chips Ahoy ‘Street Dance'   

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Chips Ahoy
‘Street Dance'

It was nearly 10 years ago when Ken Lidster first created the Chips Ahoy animated cookie for Kraft. So he was thrilled to be re-united with the character when Draft FCB Shanghai commissioned him to make the ‘Street Dance’ Chips Ahoy spot specifically for the Chinese market. In the past, Ken directed around 18 spots for the brand that were used all around the world. ‘I even made 4 spots specifically for the Spanish American market where the cookie was much more sexy and macho man than his normal goofy/three stooges persona’, said Ken. Singing and dancing has always been a big theme in the Chips Ahoy campaign. For the new campaign, Draft FCB’s Creative Directors Grover & Geoffrey had the cookie crew breakdancing to a special ‘chocolate chip’ version of ‘Who Let The Dog’s Out’. A lot of fun was had between the agency and the Bent team creating the dance sequences that brought the commercial to life.